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iPhone Basics

There is no denying that the iPhone has revolutionized the mobile device industry, and in many ways, the mobile service industry at large. Released in the US on June 29, 2007, the iPhone has garnered unprecedented excitement and innovation, and is experiencing tremendous success both for its primary North American carrier, AT&T, and for consumers, who seem to love the device. Named Time Magazine's Invention of the Year for 2007, Apple has continued its trend of innovation, releasing the improved 3G version of the iPhone in 2008, and releasing the device worldwide.

The development of the iPhone was done in close conjunction with AT&T.



"Apple created the device during a secretive and unprecedented collaboration with AT&T Mobility—Cingular Wireless at the time of the phone's inception—at a development cost of US$150 million by one estimate. During development, the iPhone was codenamed "Purple 2". The company rejected an early "design by committee" built with Motorola in favor of engineering a custom operating system and interface and building custom hardware." ("iPhone," 2008).

"Apple sold 270,000 iPhones in the first 30 hours on launch weekend. In 2007, 8 million iPhones were sold in the U.S. according to the Entertainment Software Association. The original iPhone was subsequently made available in five other countries: Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, and Austria." ("iPhone," 2004).

In 2008, Apple released the iPhone 3G in twenty-two countries, with forty-eight more are expected to follow in the months afterwards. ("iPhone," 2004).