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Finally! Prepaid iPhone on Sale

Finally, there's an option for people who want the benefits of an Apple iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, but don't want to be locked into expensive long-term contracts. Cricket Wireless and Virgin Mobile are both offering Prepaid iPhone for purchase with Pre-Paid Plans for the iPhone.



Prepaid iPhone Alternatives

What are the other alternatives for obtaining a prepaid iPhone?


So while there's a couple of iPhone prepaid option availablle to you (so far), what else is available for you?  How can you get a Prepaid iPhone functionality without the cost?  Follow the link to find out... 

Find out about prepaid iPhone alternatives
Can Unlocked iPhone use Prepaid SIM Cards?

Can't you Use an Unlocked iPhone to use a Pre-Paid SIM Card?


Now that Apple is selling unlocked iPhones that are not tied to a specific mobile carrier, you may be wondering if you can use an unlocked iPhone with a Prepaid mobile service.  The answer isn't straight-forward. If you're brave, you can try to hack the iPhone in order to get prepaid service for your iPhone. There are a few sites detailing how to unlock the iPhone and then activiate a prepaid service, such as AT&T GoPhone, in order to work around the system. But in doing this you run the risk of decreased support, and possibly even violating your warantee. That is a risk many customers may not be willing to take.



So how does it work? Is it worth the risk? What if your iPhone breaks? Follow the link to find out...

How to Jailbreak your iPhone
Top 5 Reasons Americans Want a Prepaid iPhone

Why do consumers want a Prepaid iPhone?

Prepaid cell phone service has become extremely common around the world. For many people, a prepaid phone plan is more convenient, more accessable, more affordable, and more responsible. How? I'll explain by presenting the following Top 5 Reasons America Wants a Prepaid iPhone.  Follow the link to read on...

Why America wants Prepaid iPhone
Prepaid iPhone Plans

Which Mobile Service Providers Offer Pre-Paid iPhone Service?

Listed below are all options for Prepaid iPhone plans:

Sprint Prepaid iPhone Plans AT&T Prepaid iPhone Plans Verizon Prepaid iPhone Plans T-Mobile Prepaid iPhone Plans Cricket Prepaid iPhone Plans Virgin Mobile Prepaid iPhone Plans.